February 25, 2018
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The new year started off with a bang with the coldest temperatures ever reported here in Syracuse for the first day of any year.  Reading dropped to a record -15.  Temperatures warmed to 62 degrees on Friday January 12 only to drop 75 degrees by late Saturday night with a low of -13 degrees reported for January 14.  Flash freezes were the order of the weekend with amazing footage of cars being frozen in more than a foot of ice on Massachusetts highways.  Syracuse reported 66 consecutive hours of snow from Thursday January 4 at 6pm through Sunday January 7 at noon.  There was significant ice jam flooding in Sylvan Beach.  Snowfall for the month registered 44.5 inches.  Rainfall and melted snow together measured 3.13 inches, a bit less than normal,  The average temperature for January was 21.5, a little more than two degrees colder than usual.  Readings ranged from 62 to -15.  A wind gust of 48 mph was measured on January 23.  Records for the month:  Record low of -15 degrees on January 1.


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