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  September 22, 2018
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World Weather for Sunday September 23 2018

Middle East:   A trough moving across the Black Sea into Turkey will produce light to moderate rain showers. High pressure anchored over northern Saudi Arabia will keep the rest of the region quiet. Highs in Beirut will reach 28 under sunny skies, 37 in Karachi with full sunshine and 38 in Kuwait City with sunny skies.

Europe:  Strong low pressure over the North Sea will bring gusty winds and widespread rainfall from the Netherlands to northern Germany, Denmark and southern portions of Scandinavia. A cold front positioned from western Russia to the Ukraine will produce scattered rain showers. Highs will reach 22 in Paris with a mix of sun and clouds, 27 in Rome with mostly sunny skies, 30 in Athens with lots of sunshine. 

United States and Canada:   High pressure will be drifting east across the central Great Lakes with fair skies expected over many northeastern regions of the United States.  A frontal boundary will stretch from Maryland southwest to Texas with a few showers and thunderstorms resulting.  Minor showers are indicated for northern Minnesota, North Dakota, and southern Saskatchewan.  Skies will be fair once again over much of the west.  Highs will reach 63F in Toronto with lots of sunshine, 69F in Boston with sunshine, and 70F in Minneapolis with sun fading behind increasing clouds.

Asia:  A trough positioned from northern Japan through the Korean Peninsula into central coast of China will bring clouds, scattered showers and thunderstorms. Fair weather is indicated across the interior of China. Tropical waves approaching the Philippines will bring heavy rain and thunderstorms to the region. Highs in Osaka will reach 27 with mostly sunny skies, 29 in Macau with a mix of sun and clouds, 30 in Taipei with scattered thunderstorms. 

Africa:  Rain shower and thunderstorm activity will increase across central portions of the continent from the Gulf of Guinea region, through Congo, to the Horn of Africa. A weak trough over southern portions of Africa could produce a few afternoon thunderstorms. Highs in Nairobi will reach 25 under mostly sunny skies, 30 in Pretoria with mostly sunny skies and 30 in Dakar with plenty of sunshine.

Australia and New Zealand:  Low pressure over the South Island of New Zealand will bring light to moderate rain showers. Light showers are also indicated along the east coast of Australia from southern Queensland to New South Wales. High pressure off the coast of South Australia will keep the rest of Australia quiet. Highs in Wellington will reach 15 with partly sunny skies, 17 in Canberra with partly sunny skies, 17 in Adelaide with a mix of sun and clouds.

South America:  A developing trough from southern Brazil and Uruguay into northern Argentina will be responsible for rain and thunderstorms. Fair skies are expected across much of central Brazil, Chile, Peru and Ecuador. A trough of low pressure north of the Amazon Basin will bring showers and thunderstorms from Colombia and Venezuela to northern portions of Brazil. Highs in Santiago will reach 21 with partly sunny skies.


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