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  December 12, 2017
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World Weather for Wednesday December 13 2017

Middle East:  A trio of troughs will produce showers over parts of eastern Pakistan, central Afghanistan, and along the Turkmenistan and Iran border.  Snow will fall over this region.  Central and western regions of the Middle East will be fairly quiet.  It will be rather breezy over northern Saudi Arabia and southern Iraq with potential for some blowing sand.  Highs will reach 14 in Saravan with sunshine, 15 in Islamabad with showers, and 22 in Riyadh with sunny skies.  

Europe:  A wave of low pressure will produce some rain and snow showers over the British isles.  Rain showers are likely over northern France.  A trough will produce some showers over central Italy and the nearby regions of the Balkans.  A third system will trigger snow showers over central and northern Norway.  It will be rather breezy over southern England, northern France, Germany, and Poland.  Highs will reach 3 in Moscow with partly sunny skies, 4 in Edinburgh with rain mixed with snow, and 14 in Rome with light rain.  

United States and Canada:  An upper-level ridge will be in place over western North America with an upper-level trough in place over the east.  Unseasonably cold temperatures will push as far south as Georgia.  The parent storm system will produce rain and snow over Nova Scotia.  Snow showers are likely over eastern Quebec.  Snow is likely downwind of Lakes Erie and Ontario.  The next system will be in place along the Saskatchewan and Manitoba border with some snow likely there.  Onshore winds will lead to light to moderate rain over the northern coastal regions of British Columbia.  Highs will reach 22F in Detroit with partly sunny skies, 42F in Halifax with rain changing to snow, and 62F in San Francisco with mostly sunny skies.  

Asia:  A wave of low pressure will remain in place over northern Japan with wind-driven areas of snow likely over the northern third of the country.  To the west, surface troughs will combine energy with a branch of the jet stream to produce some rain over the coastal regions of central China.  A few showers are likely along the China and Vietnam border as well.  High pressure will be dominant farther north.  Showers and thunderstorms will target the Philippines and Singapore.  Highs will reach 7 in Osaka where it will be breezy with a few showers, 11 in Shanghai with rain, and 22 in Taipei with some spotty drizzle. 

Africa:  A trough will remain in place over far northwestern Africa with showers likely over Tunisia and northern Algeria.  An upper-level ridge will run the Niger and Chad border east to Ethiopia.  Scattered showers will extend from Cameroon southeast across Gabon, Angola, and southern Congo to Zambia, Tanzania, and northern Mozambique.  A weak wave of low pressure will produce showers and thunderstorms over eastern South Africa.  Highs will reach 16 in Tunis with some light rain, 31 in Douala with a few thunderstorms, and 33 in Bloemfontein with variable cloudiness and the chance for a lingering shower. 

Australia and New Zealand:  A few showers are possible over the southwestern interior of Australia.  Other sections of the country will be quiet and quite warm with high pressure anchored offshore to the east of Victoria.  A few showers will brush central and northern New Zealand.  Highs will reach 23 in Auckland with scattered showers, 26 in Adelaide with partly sunny skies, and 35 in Perth with mostly sunny skies.

South America:  A wave of low pressure will produce showers and thunderstorms over the eastern interior of Brazil.  Thunderstorms are also likely along the Peru and Ecuador border.  High pressure will be situated offshore from southern Brazil with fair weather expected over the central regions of the continent.  Farther south, a trough will produce some rain over central Argentina.  Highs will reach 25 in Lima with variable cloudiness, 29 in Sao Paulo with sunny skies, and 36 in Bellem with isolated afternoon thunderstorms.


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